Creative Training

Creative Training

Adobe Acrobat

What are the main features of the application

Adobe Acrobat is also a well-known program, we would say the right hand of printing houses, pre press and not only. The application is enriched with a wide range of tools that allow us to do many different things. First of all, it has advanced tools for controlling and analyzing pdf documents for their proper preparation for printing.
However, it also has a number of functions that allow us to create forms, import video, audio and more generally interactive elements in pdf, but also edit our documents either in collaboration with Microsoft Office applications, or through Photoshop and Illustrator.

Target Audience

The educational programs are addressed both to individual professionals (Graphic designers, printers, those who work with pdf documents), as well as to companies that are interested in training their staff and concern:
1. Learning the application from the basic level. 
2. Upgrading knowledge to more advanced techniques and news

Training methods

E-Learning private

E-learning private through the Adobe Connect platform. Schedule by appointment

E-Learning group

Group of 4-5 people through the Adobe Connect platform. There are morning and afternoon classes.

At your location

At the location of the company or the individual. Schedule by appointment  

Group in classroom

Group of 4-5 people in a classroom with PC and software installed.

E-learning is synchronous (it is not video) it is in direct connection - interaction with the instructor and is done through Adobe Connect. The trainer shares his desktop, an option that the trainee also has.

We provide 1 hour trial (free of charge) to review the training method and make a presentation of the training material.



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