Creative Training

Creative Training

Adobe Illustrator

What are the main features of the application

The Adobe Illustrator is a design application, one of the oldest in Adobe. Basic tool for a graphic designer, an illustrator, and even a web designer, which in combination with Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe applications can make miracles.
It is an application that "produces" vector graphics. We can design logos and their application in various formats (cards, envelopes, letterheads, etc.), create illustrations, packaging design, design a wide range of formats such as posters, brochures, etc.

Target Audience

The training programs are addressed both to individual professionals (Graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, webdesigners), to companies that are interested in training their staff, as well as anyone interested in entering the magical world of design.

They concern:

1. Learning the application from the basic level.
2. Upgrading knowledge to more advanced techniques and news

Training methods

E-Learning private

E-learning private through the Adobe Connect platform. Schedule by appointment

E-Learning group

Group of 4-5 people through the Adobe Connect platform. There are morning and afternoon classes.

At your location

At the location of the company or the individual. Schedule by appointment  

Group in classroom

Group of 4-5 people in a classroom with PC and software installed.

E-learning is synchronous (it is not video) it is in direct connection - interaction with the instructor and is done through Adobe Connect. The trainer shares his desktop, an option that the trainee also has.

We provide 1 hour trial (free of charge) to review the training method and make a presentation of the training material.

Video samples


Offer 20%: If combined with at least one more application.

(For example Photoshop or InDesign)


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